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CDR Tracker®

A comprehensive online database that follows drugs through Canada’s Common Drug Review
(CDR) reimbursement approval process, from submission to listings on the public drug plans.


What is CDR Tracker® 

CDR Tracker® offers the most exhaustive information on all drugs that are, or have been, part of the CDR
approval process in Canada. This data is compiled and maintained exclusively by Wyatt Health Management.

Your organization can access the CDR Tracker® database by subscription with up to five users being able to register under one license. Multiple licenses are available.

What CDR Tracker® Provides

CDR Tracker® delivers predefined and custom reporting as well as detailed information updated weekly on CDR submissions.

This information includes:

  • Summaries of Canadian Drug Expert Committee (CDEC) recommendations
  • Listing dates on public drug plans
  • Health Canada Priority Review
  • Health Canada NOC
  • ATC codes
  • American Hospital – AHFS category
  • Times to listing
  • CDR Tracker® Annual Report and presentation slides

CDR Tracker® members also get access to the following CDR Tracker® at-a-glance reports:

  • Instantly accessible summary of CDEC recommendations
  • CDR statistics
  • CDR presentation slides

CDR Tracker® subscriptions include:

  • Access to the CDR Tracker® online database for twelve months for up to five users in your


For more information or to purchase CDR Tracker® for your product please email us or call us at 905.257.5670.